In honor of the Vero Beach Centennial we take a look back on the history of Vero Beach.

Long before Vero Beach actually became a city, there was plenty happening here. The Ais Indian tribe had settled all along the coastal areas of what is now Indian River County. It’s believed their main settlement was actually in the area which is now known as the city of Sebastian Florida.

Indians roamed the shore line, fishing and hunting, living off the land. The earliest recorded history is from around the mid 1500’s as the Spanish sailors landed on our shores.

Families began settling here once Mr Flagler built the railroad that came through Indian River County. The land here was perfect for farmers who wanted to grow citrus and other vegetables, and with the railroad, they now had a way to sell their goods to people up north.

Our history is chock full of wonderful stories about the men and women who built this city that we get to enjoy. So many of the founding families of Vero Beach and Sebastian still live here in the area today. It’s wonderful to hear their stories of growing up in a much different Vero Beach from the one we know today.

I am going to share more of those wonderful stories as time goes on, but today we are talking about the formal beginning of Vero Beach, back in 1919, when it was first recognized as the Town of Vero Beach.

Happy Vero Beach Centennial

In October 2019, we will officially turn 100 years old. Happy 100th Birthday Vero Beach!

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