Are thinking about listing your home for sale? There are some realtors who will list your home for the price you want and never take the time to study the market, review the condition of your home and be honest with you. That’s not what Alan and I do. We are out in the field day in and day out. We know what keeps a home from selling, and we know what buyers are looking for.

Especially in Vero Beach where there are so many brand new homes being offered for sale. If you are thinking about listing your home for sale, please, watch this video, then give us a call.

Abbe & Alan Chane Realtors Vero Beach
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SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT FOR COMMERCIAL INVESTORS: The Chane Sells team currently has listed a choice piece of property that is situated within the Florida Qualified Opportunity Zone. To learn more about the potential tax advantages available with this exciting property, click here.