Alan and I aren’t interior designers, but we do notice certain things when we are out the area showing real estate. Some people respond to certain homes and others do not. In many of the instances, it will come down to the colors the owners have chosen for their home. If the colors are too bold, most people can’t get past the color and will turn away. Sometimes the color is too dark, and that makes a home, or an office, feel less homey and cheerful.

In commercial situations, color becomes even more critical. According to the paint specialists, Dulux, the use of color in healthcare facilities can even affect how quickly a patient heals.

For example, research into the impact of certain colors has shown that orange stimulates the appetite, while blue can suppress it. This has led to the creation of very specific color schemes for dining rooms in mental health facilities treating people with anorexia.

Colors affect us mentally and physically on a subconscious level. The people who design a commercial setting or office is a little different from picking colors for your living spaces. They understand the impact that color can make, both on our moods and on other instincts.

Scientific studies have taught us much about color and how it affects us.  “The four psychological primaries are: red, blue, yellow, and green. And they affect the body (red), the mind (blue), the emotions, the ego, and self-confidence (yellow), and the essential balance between the mind, the body, and the emotions (green).” Interestingly, when you combine more than one color, you get the effects of both of them. For example, if you combine a highly saturated yellow with a highly saturated blue, you will get a color that stimulates both your emotions (yellow) and mind (blue).” According to Angela Wright

Have you ever noticed that many restaurants incorporate red in their color scheme because red can spark appetites? If you want to be more productive doing something physical, red would make you more productive than either blue or yellow, because it stimulates you physically.

Blue conveys trustworthiness, which is why many corporations use blue in their logos, like Twitter and IBM. It is also a popular color to use for Websites and bedrooms. It’s a cool, but calming color for most people. In an office, the use of the color blue can be beneficial because we want the staff to feel relaxed but focused when they perform their work. Especially if they will be spending long hours on the computer.

If you’re in an environment where having a strong sense of balance is the most important, green might just be the color that makes you the most productive. As well, because it’s so balanced, calming, and reassuring, it’s great to use around anywhere money’s changing hands.

If you’re a designer, and you want creativity, blue isn’t going to be the color for you. Yellow is a better color, because it stimulates your ego and spirits, and makes you more optimistic.

Studies have shown that blue-green color palettes inspire the most productivity, whereas orange inspires conversations and tend to move meetings faster. What did you think of our tips for choosing colors for the office? Do you have any tips to share?

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