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So, how do you get your home sold? First, hire Abbe and Alan, then we help you with the rest.

Alan and I have sold quite a few homes lately. Most of them weren’t on the market for very long. Why did they sell quickly? Three reasons.

One, we listed them at fair market value. When sellers decide to list their home for sale, all too often they try to establish the sales price of the home based upon what they want to net from the sale. While that is a lovely idea, it’s not realistic. The best way to determine the fair market value of any property is to research what other similar homes in the area have sold for and then price the listing accordingly.

Two, the homes had good curb appeal, and the interiors showed well. Let’s face the facts here. It’s a visual world, and here in Vero, existing homes for sale are competing with shiny, new model homes. They must be neat and tidy and somewhat up to date in style and function or people will just pass them by.  It’s important to remove any dead flowers or plants. Grass should look healthy and well cared for, and the front of the home look welcoming and well cared for.

Three, clear the clutter. When someone has lived in a home for a few years, things begin to accumulate. Before the home even goes on the market, it’s a good idea to go through each room and look around. What things have been piling up over the years that really do not serve a function. Magazines, publications, Knickknacks, and mementos, cause clutter in your home. Unless they are a precious gift from someone, and worth thousands, think seriously about giving them to a new home.

Recently there was a series on Netflix about an organizer by the name of Marie Kondo. She helped people to clear the clutter from their lives by asking then to touch each object and make a conscious decision as to whether that object still brought them joy.

As part of a listing process, we go through your home with you and help you declutter and get your home ready to sell in the optimal time and for the best price. Give us a call.

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