How To Get Your Home Sold

So, how do you get your home sold? First, hire Abbe and Alan, then we help you with the rest. Alan and I have sold quite a few homes lately. Most of them weren’t on the market for very long. Why did they sell quickly? Three reasons. One, we listed them at fair market value. When sellers decide … Read more about How To Get Your Home Sold

Advice for First Time Home Owners

First Time Home Owner - If you have never owned a home before and have now purchased your first home, we want to say "congratulations". It is SO exciting to come home at the end of the day to your very own home. It's fun to find just the right dining room table, even if it's at a consignment … Read more about Advice for First Time Home Owners

Real Estate Solutions

SOLUTIONS - Most Realtors are going to start out by telling you how wonderful they are. They will inform you that they have years of experience, and they have all manner of real estate designations, but they don't always begin by first finding out what your real estate "problem" is. What is … Read more about Real Estate Solutions