How To Get Your Home Sold

So, how do you get your home sold? First, hire Abbe and Alan, then we help you with the rest. Alan and I have sold quite a few homes lately. Most of them weren’t on the market for very long. Why did they sell quickly? Three reasons. One, we listed them at fair market value. When sellers decide … Read more about How To Get Your Home Sold

Vero Beach Neighborhoods Part One of Many

Vero Beach is a beautiful city on the Treasure Coast of Florida. The weather is warm for most of the year, but we usually have lovely sea breezes for most of each day. Residents here have access to both the Indian River and the Atlantic Ocean. Currently, here in Vero Beach, we have seen a big uptick … Read more about Vero Beach Neighborhoods Part One of Many

Picking Colors For Your Office

Alan and I aren't interior designers, but we do notice certain things when we are out the area showing real estate. Some people respond to certain homes and others do not. In many of the instances, it will come down to the colors the owners have chosen for their home. If the colors are too bold, … Read more about Picking Colors For Your Office

Why Become a Commercial Real Estate Salesperson?

Commercial Real Estate Sales Why sell commercial real estate versus residential real estate? Sounds like a simple question, it would be nice if there was a simple answer, and perhaps there is. Residential real estate sales are time consuming, based more upon emotions than facts, and it depends … Read more about Why Become a Commercial Real Estate Salesperson?

Advice for Veteran Buyers

Advice for Veteran Buyers  If you are a veteran, and you are now ready to purchase your first home, then there are some things you should do in preparation. for a home purchase. First, make certain you have a good handle on all your bills. Everyone in the US is entitled to a free … Read more about Advice for Veteran Buyers

Real Estate Solutions

SOLUTIONS - Most Realtors are going to start out by telling you how wonderful they are. They will inform you that they have years of experience, and they have all manner of real estate designations, but they don't always begin by first finding out what your real estate "problem" is. What is … Read more about Real Estate Solutions

Indian River County

Indian River County, located in the northern half of the Treasure Coast is indeed a treasure in and of itself. Although we are adding new commercial centers all along the US 1 corridor, there is still plenty of room for commercial growth.We are fortunate to have the Indian River Chamber of Commerce … Read more about Indian River County

Commercial Real Estate in Vero Beach

The demand for commercial real estate is strong here in Florida. Here in Indian River County we have some great retail spaces being offered for sale, while we also still have plenty of raw land available. According to what I have seen, our fundamentals are still very strong, with high occupancy … Read more about Commercial Real Estate in Vero Beach